Friday, June 16, 2017

A Pool Party Fit for a Lifeguard!

Last Sunday, Miss Ester  celebrated her Sweet 16th with a fun pool party!   (She turned Sweet 16 last March.). We had this party planned for some time and it wrapped up our insanely busy spring.

She did not want to exclude anyone, so she waited until summertime when we could rent a city pool, the perfect spot for a bunch of teenagers to have fun and stay cool at the same time!

And since Miss Ester is a lifeguard...

We had a lifeguard-themed pool party!

It was so much fun!

* Waves of Blue cupcake wrappers found on Etsy,  here.

* Lifeguard (fondant) cupcake toppers found on Etsy, here.

* Shark fins - Oreo cookies cut with a serrated knife ;)

* Neon cupcake wrappers found on Etsy, here.

* Neon cupcake toppers found on Etsy, here.

* Pool Party water bottle labels found on Etsy, here.

~ Patty ~


  1. Patty, you did an awesome job! Perfect cupcakes and treats for all of those friends. Pool party for your life guard was perfect! Happy sweet 16!

  2. New career option for you...
    Party Planner!!!!
    Because you have sooo much free time!!! ; )
    Awesome party, Patty!
    Happy Sweet 16!!!!


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